How to choose a coworking office space

Each coworking space is unique, so in this article we take a look at what to consider when choosing a coworking office space.


Of course cost comes into pretty much every business or personal decision – it could be why you are considering a coworking office in the first place. After all, shared workspace is generally more cost effective, both in terms of monthly commitment and potential ad hoc costs like maintenance or furniture purchases.

So before looking at your options, decide what your business can realistically afford. As the demand for coworking offices has increased rapidly in recent years, there is a wide variety of differently priced workspaces to choose from.

Look out for hidden extras though – some will charge additional fees for booking meeting rooms, phone lines or refreshments, and these costs can add up significantly. At The Brew, we offer a range of free office benefits  – so not only is the workspace priced affordably to begin with, but you will also get meeting space, phone booths, workshops, weekly elevenses, Fruit Mondays, teas and coffees all for free!

Finding the best location for your business

Is the office in a safe area, especially if some of your team work late? Can your workforce and clients/suppliers easily commute there?  Does the personality of the area reflect your business?

Sometimes the right postcode can make the difference between winning or losing a future contract, so make sure the area is right for you!

Shoreditch, for example, is an area synonymous with culture, fashion, technology, entrepreneurship and fun, which has helped it attract a weatlh of start-ups and technology companies in recent years. The Brew’s members love the trendy vibe, its range of transport links and the vast choice of places to go at lunch and afterwork. Read our recent blog for more reasons why Shoreditch is the best location for your business.

Inspire your team

How can you inspire employees to hit targets, meet objectives and grow your business without having to constantly crack the whip or offer costly financial incentives? The environment people work in every day can strongly influence mental wellbeing and attitude towards daily tasks.

A key benefit of a coworking environment is that you’re surrounded by the dynamics of other businesses. Coworking spaces are filled with inspirational entrepreneurs and business people who are busy working towards their own goals and objectives.

Your coworkers can feed off the diverse activity that surrounds them as well as the decor and facilities of the office. It’s a good idea to visit at least three different coworking offices so you can appreciate the nuances of each one and decide which one will inspire your team most.

Research other members

It’s worth asking about, and even talking to, other members in the coworking spaces you’re considering. Business relationships in the workplace can have a direct influence on team morale and work ethic.

Working next to similar types of business can be beneficial because you can bounce ideas off each other and seek support from those doing similar work as you. There may even be the opportunity to work together on projects in the future.

There may also be opportunities to promote your business .or to find new suppliers. It’s easy to network in a coworking space – serendipity can be found via the desk opposite or you, in the kitchen and like the cliche goes, by the water cooler. Some coworking spaces run networking or social events which offers another opportunity to get to know members.  Member interaction can create a friendly and social working environment which is not only great for the wellbeing of your team, it also boosts productivity.

Check the T's & C's

Find out the length of the Contract and ask about flexibility. Over time, your business may shrink or grow, so it’s advisable to work in a place where you are able to easily move into a smaller or larger office in the same building.

Extra benefits

Lastly, can also evaluate which coworking space can give you the most for your money.

Lots of businesses recognise the importance of additional staff benefits as it’s proven to reduce staff turnover and cut recruitment costs. However, without a dedicated HR team it can be difficult to implement new staff benefits properly.

Fortunately, some coworking providers offer extra perks that members can take advantage of without any additional time or cost to your business. For example, The Brew regularly offers free workshops, yoga sessions, cafe discounts, promotions and offers at local businesses.


No two coworking offices are the same – the dynamic changes with each location, fit-out and the community team looking after you. While some offices may look great on paper, we recommend taking the time to tour each one to get a feel for how your team would settle into each environment. Then select the one that is most likely to see your business flourish.

Happy hunting!