Is coworking the solution to improving employee well-being?

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It took a global pandemic to change the face of the working world, but now it’s hard to remember what life was like before flexible and remote working became the norm.


The growing popularity of these working models has increased the demand for coworking spaces: environments designed to accommodate workers from multiple companies. No longer just for freelancers and start-ups (though still popular with them, too!), these shared workspaces are becoming a staple of office infrastructure in London and beyond.


Some businesses may have returned to a full-time office-based structure, but the majority (62%) have already implemented some form of hybrid working. And as businesses become more agile, coworking facilities offer many advantages for companies of all sizes and sectors — from providing a base for flexible workers to enabling affordable access to shared amenities.


Most importantly, however, coworking spaces are helping to enhance employee well-being and collaboration — crucial considerations for any responsible business in the post-pandemic world.


So, how are coworking offices transforming well-being in the workplace?


Understanding workplace well-being


Hybrid and remote working have had countless benefits for employees and employers alike — from reducing commutes and improving work-life balance to boosting productivity and minimising overhead costs.


However, this new way of operating has created obstacles to effective collaboration, with some staff working in siloes — disconnected from colleagues and missing out on the all-important social aspects of work that we all look for from time to time.


Feeling isolated is a concern many employees have about embracing a remote or hybrid working model — especially for team members who work from home and might find it more difficult to create a healthy separation between their work and personal lives.


The burnout this isolation can cause can be highly detrimental to employee well-being; lacking contact with other people during the working day can contribute to anxiety and loneliness and play a significant role in mental health issues. As a result, workers suffering from stress, depression or anxiety self-reported taking 18.6 days off work each between 2021 and 2022, amounting to millions of working days lost across the country every year.


No business can afford to lose staff in the current business landscape, and no employee should compromise their mental health. Still, most workers have come to expect the adaptability a flexible working model can bring, with many saying they’d leave their current roles in favour of this type of arrangement.


So, the question is: how can businesses offer the incentives of flexible working whilst also ensuring employees feel engaged and supported?


That’s where coworking comes in.


Curating flexible workspace solutions


Coworking spaces are ideal for any company wanting to give its employees the freedom to work on their terms whilst also enhancing collaboration and improving well-being in the workplace.


Small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers are particularly well-suited to these environments, as they can provide meeting rooms, reception services and other logistical conveniences without the responsibilities or costs associated with office management.


Modern coworking spaces offer the perfect blend of independent working and community spirit, delivering an inspiring, welcoming setting for workers to collaborate without the commitment of a traditional office — an arrangement with many welfare advantages…


Encouraging a healthy work-life balance 


In the post-pandemic world, there’s an expectation for companies to ensure their staff aren’t overworking or sacrificing their mental well-being for work purposes.


Coworking facilities are ideal for anyone trying to fit work around personal commitments and escape from their home setup whenever they need a change of scenery. Usually open around the clock, these offices provide a fantastic workspace alternative that’s more professional than a café but less stuffy than a traditional office.


Providing an ergonomic environment


One of the biggest challenges businesses face when adopting a remote or hybrid working model is ensuring all workers have what they need to carry out their work safely and effectively — from ergonomic office chairs to reliable computer systems.


Employers can ease this occupational health headache by providing access to a coworking office that gives every employee equal access to high-quality amenities and state-of-the-art equipment, leaving one less problem for managers and their teams to worry about.


Creating a sense of community 


The main benefit of coworking is the opportunities it creates for networking and teamwork, which can bolster productivity and the overall happiness of flexible and hybrid workers.


Coworking spaces provide endless opportunities to socialise — with colleagues or employees from other companies. They’re often bustling with activity and full of areas designed for relaxation and collaboration — helping to banish those feelings of loneliness and encouraging cooperation and creative idea generation.


Serving our community


At The Brew, we’ve built our business with our community in mind.


Our coworking solutions are adaptable to our members’ requirements. We offer all the perks that business leaders and their employees expect from a flexible working environment — plus superfast 1 GB broadband, first-class customer service, regular social events and complimentary Fairtrade refreshments!


Most of our shared office spaces are in Shoreditch, one of London’s most vibrant and innovative business districts. But we also have many other locations across the UK — all of which are fun, friendly and full of five-star facilities for individuals and businesses to enjoy…


Interested in learning more about our coworking offices? Book a tour today to get a feel for our community.