Life at The Brew: in conversation with our coworking members

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Did you know that 74% of people feel more productive working in a coworking environment?  


Coworking spaces are ideal for anyone trying to fit work around personal commitments, make the most of premium resources without the hefty price tag and avoid long-term contracts. By choosing the right space, you can make the most of flexible working whilst still enjoying all the benefits of a fully serviced office — which is precisely what we offer here at The Brew. 


Curious to know more about the perks of coworking? We chatted with our members to see how they make it work to their advantage…  


What do people want from a shared office space?


Coworking spaces often have different layouts, facilities and membership options. So, what do our members look for when choosing an office? 


Most businesses come to us searching for workspace solutions that are scalable to their needs and provide a light, comfortable environment to work in. 


Bogumila, the director at YNot Design, said she looks for a quiet and friendly atmosphere with dedicated meeting spaces and access to the kitchen — and phone booths to make calls or have conversations in private. 


She added: ‘I also appreciate the opportunity to exchange experience with other companies using the same space’. 


Meanwhile, Rupert, CEO and co-founder of Tuck Trucks, told us that cost is an important factor for him. After all, you want to ensure you get the most for your money without paying through the nose. 


That’s why our members love working from our offices: because they offer all the amenities workers need — with a variety of membership packages to best suit our customers’ needs. 


What does an average day in a coworking space look like?


Not everyone is productive during the same hours of the day. 


As such, one of the biggest perks of a coworking office is that thanks to 24/7 access, you can work to your own schedule — helping to maintain productivity without compromising work-life balance.  


For example, for Sophie, a cultural strategist at Crowd DNA, a day in our coworking spaces looks pretty similar to a more traditional workday.  


‘I like the 9–5 lifestyle! I prefer to stick to those hours to set myself boundaries’.  


On the other hand, for early birds like Ben, a philanthropy officer at Moorfields Eye Charity, starting the day sooner might be the best option.  


Ben commented: ‘I like to get stuff ticked off the to-do list before colleagues arrive so I can have a proper chat with them in the mornings’. 


Get more done in the evenings? You’re not alone. Bogumila’s also a self-proclaimed night owl who enjoys the quiet and a good chance to focus. 


No matter how you like to structure your day, The Brew’s offices and coworking spaces offer round-the-clock access — so you never have to compromise on your preferred working hours. 


How do flexible workers stay motivated throughout the day?


Regardless of where you’re working, everyone struggles to concentrate from time to time. So, we asked our members: what keeps you motivated throughout the day? 


Sean, a senior cultural consultant at Crowd DNA, says it’s all about mixing things up.  


‘Doing varied, interesting and meaningful work motivates me’, he told us. ‘The day always passes quicker with fun chats with colleagues and going for lunchtime walks to soak up the city’s energy’.  


And for those who like to keep their heads down and crack on, like Sharon, who leads as the office manager at Morgan Sindall, success is in self-motivation.  


When we asked Sharon what keeps her going every day, she said: ‘me, myself and I’. It’s always great to have the option of getting together with your team to spitball new ideas, but sometimes time alone to be productive is exactly what you need. 


At The Brew, we’ve designed areas specifically for collaboration or a quiet moment — so you always have a place to work that suits you when you’re hoping for inspiration to strike. 


What are our members having for lunch?


It’s crucial to take restful breaks throughout the day to keep your productivity levels up, and at our offices in Shoreditch, you’ll always be a stone’s throw away from good food (which is sure to perk up any lunch break). 


Plus, with communal kitchens and social spaces in and around our offices, there are plenty of spots to choose from when lunchtime rolls around!  


Usually, Sophie packs a homemade lunch — but as a treat, she joins her coworking community at Coffee Junction around the corner from the office.  


A man after our hearts, Ben brings in his leftovers from the night before. Why’s it always so much better the next day? 


What do you love about The Brew?


Everyone has different factors that make coworking offices the right option for them — so what does The Brew offer that our members keep coming back for? 


For Bogumila, it’s our membership options that give us the edge. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you can’t predict what’s around the corner. So, our flexible memberships mean you’re not tied into a lengthy agreement that holds you back. 


When asked about his favourite thing about working from The Brew offices, Ben mentioned that our standing desks took the prize. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t for everyone, so stretch your legs and keep checking things off that to-do list… 


Fancy hanging back and getting to know new people after your workday? For many of our members, The Brew’s regular socials are the cherry on the coworking cake! For example, our regular wine and cheese nights always go down a treat — and members love making the most of our fun gatherings at our offices. 


Our team takes pride in our offices and makes it their mission to ensure every member feels welcome and included in the community we’ve created.  


So, if you’re curious about coworking, why not get in touch and give it a go? 


Want to join our other members and reap the rewards of coworking in Shoreditch? Take a look at our memberships and request a quote to revolutionise the way you work today.