Looking for creative inspiration in London?

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If you work in a creative industry like marketing or design, you’ll know the best ideas come from an open mind and the freedom to explore…

But now and then, the expectation for creatives to keep churning out groundbreaking campaigns and engaging material (in an increasingly competitive landscape) can bog you down and dim that imaginative spark.

It’s normal for creativity to ebb and flow. But when your job is to think outside the box, stepping out into your surroundings is the best way to get those creative juices flowing again.

Fortunately, for those working in and around London, there’s inspiration around every corner. You just need to know where to look…

Soak up the arts 

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, marketer, graphic designer or creative of any kind — art inspires art — no matter what form that might take. So, it’s always worth paying attention to anything that catches your eye, even if you don’t immediately know how it could inspire your work later.

Art galleries and museums are the perfect environments to stir your imagination, and London is famously brimming with them.

If you’re in the Chelsea area, take a trip to the Saatchi Gallery, which presents contemporary art exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging artists. With a frequent rotation of special events, exhibitions and learning programmes, this gallery aims to inspire audiences with physical and digital spaces that are engaging, enlightening and educational.

Looking for a more immersive experience? In the heart of the city, the Twist Museum offers visitors the wonder of illusion — with mind-altering, interactive installations designed in collaboration with artists, neuroscientists and philosophers to test your perceptions of reality. What could be more inspiring than invigorating all your senses at once?

And, of course, the beauty of London is that there’s art all around — especially in areas like Shoreditch that are known for their cultural vibrancy. All you need to do is look up…

Notice unorthodox advertising


Speaking of street art — nothing says creativity like a spot of out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

OOH advertising traditionally includes anything from billboards and benches to bus shelters — and everything in between. A savvy way to spread branding and marketing campaigns in the wild, OOH advertising captures the attention of the public (and other creatives) with words and images that contrast with the real-world environment.

If you’re looking for something really original, guerrilla marketing can be seen all over London — especially in Shoreditch, home to a thriving street art scene that’s ever-changing and never boring. From eye-catching graffiti to flash mobs, building projections to pop-up experiences, these experimental campaigns can evoke surprise, wonder or shock from passers-by.

Guerrilla marketing serves as a friendly reminder to keep thinking outside the box!

Make the most of the outdoors 

If you’re searching for creative inspiration, you’re probably not going to find it staring at the same four walls.

It’s amazing how new ideas can form when you pause to take in your surroundings. You don’t need to drastically change your routine to reignite your creativity — you just need to keep an open mind. For example, singer Ella Eyre revealed that her daily three-hour commute through London inspired her debut album!

If you do feel like a change of scenery, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and find refuge in some of the beautiful open spaces London has to offer?

Weavers Fields is the largest park in Bethnal Green and is a welcome area for a lunchtime stroll or to sit and watch the world go by. New Ham Park is also a delightful place for those on the west side to get fresh air and overcome mental blocks.


 Connect with like-minded people

Having someone else’s input is always valuable when you’ve hit a creative slump, and meeting new people is a great place to get the ball rolling.

From creative community groups to workshops and seminars, surrounding yourself with like-minded people can inspire new ideas, sharpen your skills and forge relationships to take with you in your career.

As the world moves online, the connections you make in real life become all the more important. So, take a break from your laptop, attend an event — or consider moving your business to a more creative space…

Think about the kind of environment you’d like to work in. What would inspire you to be more productive, innovative and content?

Dim office lighting and cramped, overcrowded spaces don’t stir up much inspiration. Instead, finding a light and open workspace where creatives can put their heads together is much more likely to support a culture of collaboration.

Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to coworking spaces, but it’s crucial to find the right one for you. Wondering where to plant your roots? We may be biased, but we think Shoreditch is the place to be…

In the mood to get inspired? Ready to see all that Shoreditch has to offer for you and your business? Take a look at our services and request a quote to start your coworking journey today.