Hub and spoke offices

Get more flexibility in your workspace with a city centre hub combined with smaller, regional satellite offices or spokes - in locations close to where your employees live

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Save costs with a flexible city centre hub and regional spokes

Working styles are changing and with it is an embrace of a more flexible approach to office space locations.

You no longer have to keep and maintain that expensive office in the city designed to impress a world where the shiny big HQ’s mattered. The world’s values are different now as companies look at new ways of improving workplace wellbeing including reducing commute time so employees can work closer home.

Enter ‘Hub and Spoke’, the new office space solution that offers you the best of both worlds. Read below for more details of this new hybrid work style.

Our team will provide you with a tailormade office service that involves sourcing a suitable city centre hub and regional hubs. Then, with our expert team of interior designers, we’ll personalise to the offices to your company specifications.

We get to know your office needs and then organise the rest, and manage the facilities and running of the offices once it’s completed as part of a simple fixed monthly fee. All you have to do is move in.

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Save money

You’ll get more bang for your buck with our Hub and Spoke office space solution. Your hubs will be downsized city centre locations whilst your spokes will be strategically placed where your employees are based – smaller floorplates and non-London real estate means lower overheads.

Greater flexibility

Unlike a traditional lease, our Hub and Spoke office space solution, means you’ll have a flexible contract and no long tie-ins. This is a low cost, low risk, low hassle option and our team will take care of all the office space amenities and facilities management, so you don’t have to.

Enhance your talent pool

With our Hub and Spoke office space, you're not limited to where to hire your talent from as there is talent everywhere for you to tap. You'll no longer be confined to who lives a ``doable`` commute from your city-centre office space, which will make for a happier and more diverse workforce.

Boost employee wellbeing

By creating offices closer to your employee's homes, you'll reduce their commutes, help them manage their work-life balance so that they have more social or family time and they'll be able to support their local communities too. All of which boost employee wellbeing.

Hub and spoke offices

Prices quoted are per person per month

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Hub and spoke offices
per month
Hassle-free and low risk office space design and management
Office sourced based on your requirements
Developed by our fantastic team of expert architects, interior designers & fit-out specialists
Responsive customer service and facilties management
Unlimited access 24/7 every day of the year
Create your own exclusive meeting rooms and phone booths
Reliable, superfast 1Gb wired and WiFi internet
Invites to business networking and learning/development events
Social events and parties throughout the year
Health and wellbeing sessions
Business rates and utilities bills
All facilities costs and upkeep
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Why choose a hub and spoke office?

The world is changing and more people are looking for flexibility in their workplace. Large employers need to respond as more jobs are available remotely that don’t require commute times. But, employees also want a balance and not to only work from home – many don’t have the best set-up, can’t concentrate or prefer keeping work and life separate. Whatever the reason, offering offices close to your employees’ homes makes for a happier employee.

Simple, flexible and reliable

We make everything easy so that your desk isn’t inundated with office space tasks. So whatever the vision you have for your offices, we can make it a reality, coming in on time and on budget with as little or as much involvement from your side as you wish.

With our hub and spoke office space solution, you can choose a contract length that makes sense for your business, it can be short-term for one year or long-term, we’re flexible.

We’ll work with you to ensure your new office has everything you need whether it’s being close to a particular train station or certain high streets or kitting out your meeting rooms with the very best in Zoom facilities or even installing popcorn machines as treats for your team. Whatever you need, just let us know – we’ve got you covered.

Our support doesn’t just end when we have sourced and designed your hub and your spokes, we continue behind the scenes managing your facilities so you and your teams can focus on the business.

Do you have any questions about our hub and spoke office space solutions?

What's the difference between your hub and spoke solution and a leased office space?

Leases and our hub and spoke office spaces differ in that we provide you with entirely all-inclusive services and facilities including everything you need to run your business such as business rates and superfast, reliable internet.

We handle all the difficult and time-consuming tasks and fees related to securing your hub and spoke offices including dealing with solicitors, agent, their fees and stamp duty).

Unlike a lease, with our hub and spoke office spaces, you won’t be into a complicated contract for years – we excel in providing flexible agreements that make doing business in uncertain times more simple.

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