A Guide for HR: Transitioning Your Team from Remote Work to a Professional Workspace

Remote Work to Office Spaces

Facilitating Seamless Work Environment Transformation for Enhanced Productivity and Success

Guiding your team from remote work to office spaces involves evaluating current setups, choosing the right space, organising it effectively, setting up utilities, and establishing new routines. It’s all about optimising productivity and fostering a professional environment for enhanced success.

Step 1: Assessing Current Remote Work Setup

Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Employee Satisfaction:
  • Conduct surveys or one-on-one meetings to gather feedback.
  • Assess work-life balance and schedule flexibility.
  • Identify feelings of isolation or connectivity with the team.


2. Technological Barriers:
  • Identify issues with internet connectivity, hardware, or software.
  • Determine if problems stem from individual setups or company resources.
  • Plan to resolve these barriers in the new workspace.


Identify Reasons and Goals

Clearly define the reasons for transitioning to a professional workspace.

Is it to foster collaboration, improve resource access, or enhance company culture? Setting specific goals will guide your planning and ensure the new workspace meets these objectives.

Step 2: Research Locations to Move from Remote Work to Office Spaces

Before transitioning your team from remote work to office spaces, do the research.

Selecting a suitable location that meets your team’s needs and preferences is essential.


Explore Workspace Options

Start by exploring various workspace options available in your area. This may include:

Coworking Spaces: These offer flexibility in terms of lease terms and office size, providing an environment where multiple companies or individuals work alongside each other.

Private Office Rentals: Renting a dedicated office space provides privacy and customisation options for your team’s specific needs. It allows for greater control over the workspace environment and branding.

Tailormade Offices: If your organisation has the resources, establishing your own office space allows for complete customisation and control over the workspace.

Each option has its advantages, so consider which best aligns with your team’s goals and preferences.


Evaluate Factors

When choosing the workspace, consider the following key factors:

Location: The workspace and any cafes or restaurants should be easily accessible to your team members, whether they commute by car, public transportation, or bicycle.

Amenities: Look for workspaces that offer amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and comfortable furniture.

Budget: Evaluate the cost of leasing or renting the workspace, including any additional fees for amenities or services.

Scalability: Consider the workspace’s scalability in case your team grows in the future. Will it accommodate additional team members, or will you need to relocate again?

Step 3: Organising the New Workspace

Making the jump to a professional workspace can put a strain on your employees, so it needs to be organised carefully.

Develop a Setup Plan

  • Create a Layout: Design a layout that promotes collaboration and accessibility.
  • Identify Furniture and Equipment: Determine what’s needed for comfort and productivity.
  • Consider Modifications: Assess if any adjustments are necessary to improve workflow.


Promote Organisation and Personalisation

  • Encourage Personalisation: Allow employees to personalise their workstations for a sense of ownership.
  • Provide Organisational Tools: Supply storage solutions and desk organisers for efficiency.
  • Foster Cleanliness: Implement policies for regular cleaning to maintain a healthy environment.

Step 4: Setting Up Utilities from Remote Work to Office Spaces

Equip with Necessary Technology

Make sure that the new workspace can give employees access to high-speed internet and a reliable network.

Office equipment can be decided before the transition: What is needed to support day-to-day operations?


Communicate Changes

Communicate any changes or updates to your team well in advance. Provide instructions on the new workspace policies, IT setup procedures, and other relevant information.

Address any concerns or questions the team may have about the change and offer support and assistance as and when suitable.

Step 5: Facilitating Transition and Establishing New Routines

As HR representatives, supporting your team through a big change like this is very important.

Provide Support and Resources

A good way to ease everyone into the new working environment could be to organise orientation sessions to introduce the new workspace layout, amenities and policies.

Assign a dedicated support team to handle technical issues and general inquiries and set up multiple communication channels, such as email, phone, or in-person assistance.


Encourage Personalisation and Routine

In many office spaces, employees are encouraged to personalise their spaces with things like photos and plants to help them feel more comfortable, and it’s a good suggestion to help the team settle in.

When working from home, routines are very different from that of office life, so help them establish new routines, promoting regular breaks and time management.


Offer Flexibility and Support

Understand that adapting to a new workspace takes time, and it’s supportive to:

  • Offer flexible work schedules or remote work options to ease the transition.
  • Conduct regular check-ins to monitor progress and address any concerns.
  • Provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to support long-term growth for the individual and the business.

Final Thoughts: Remote Work to Office Spaces

Transitioning from remote work to office spaces involves several key steps: assessing the current setup, selecting the right location, organising the space, setting up infrastructure, and supporting your team through the transition.

Following this guide can create a workspace that enhances productivity and fosters a positive work environment.


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