The guide to networking for Freelancers

There are more freelancers in the modern workforce than ever before. This is primarily due to an increasing need for work flexibility, and it seems that the need to be more flexible with working hours has become just as important as the security of the 9-5 role.

However, freelancing can be a challenging experience, and a large part of the difficulty comes down to the notion of networking. Working alone makes it much more difficult to make connections that are relevant, and the freelancer does not have access to an already established business network. It makes it more vital than ever that the freelancer takes the time to grow their network and actively reaches out to like-minded individuals.

So if you’re looking to establish stronger business connections, check out our brief guide below for some proactive ways to start networking.

1. Freelancer networking events

If you aren’t already attending networking events,then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. It can be nerve-wracking turning up to a business event where you know nobody, but they can be very valuable to your career. That’s because they offer you the chance to boost your name in your business community, and that can lead to an increase in work opportunities. Learn some basic networking tips that you can start using as soon as you arrive. Build relationships with potential businesses and clients, and your contacts list will grow.

2. Avoid isolation

It can be very tempting as a freelancer to stay in your home office and communicate with people solely via email and group chats. Yet doing so can make it increasingly difficult to forge new connections and can also have a deterimental effect to mental health.

It’s one of the reasons why the idea of the co-working space has become much more popular. These shared office spaces are useful for numerous reasons. Not only can it help  get into the work frame of mind faster than if you were working from your home, but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with other remote workers and businesses. A shared office space gives you access to all of the modern technologies and keeps you socialising with other professionals on a daily basis, which can be incredibly useful for networking and your own sanity!

3. Online Freelancing Networks

Dedicated online forums can be a goldmine of information and contacts. Look for those forums that are related to your industry and to your role. Sign up and take the time to read through some of the posts. If you feel that you have valuable information or experiences to offer then contribute to the discussion. Ask questions and become part of the discourse, and you will become well known within that community.

4. Using social media to network

While social media is vastly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their audience reach, it can be a valuable tool for networking as well. You don’t need to network on every social media platform, but choose the one that fits your industry or role.

Twitter and LinkedIn are especially useful, and should always be considered over Facebook and Instagram when it comes to networking, although these platforms too have their networking uses. Find users that are related to your field and get involved in the public discourse. A strong social media presence can work wonders for your visibility and your authority, and all while expanding your network.

The world is connected in more ways than ever before, but the fact remains that the most valuable element of business is still the building of relationships. Interaction builds trust and support, and your freelance experience will be much more successful if you take steps to ensure that you are making the most of the possible networking options available to you in the modern age.

Happy networking!

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