The Brew: A hub for start-ups

Starting up a business is time consuming, stressful and a challenge. Of course, it’s rewarding, thrilling and exciting too. With so many factors to consider and different aspects to juggle, start-ups are often faced with challenges and prospects and a business club can be the perfect place for these new businesses to establish themselves.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for a place to build connections or need a hub to launch the next phase of your business plans, a business club can be just the place for you

Creating a space 

A business club can give your start-up the space it needs to grow. It can act as an unusual place to meet clients, inspire your team, or simply just to get some work done. The space and resources on offer means that the club can act as a home for your business and all its operations.

A place to grow 

For many start-ups, they have ambitions of growing their operations. A business club can be the ideal place to expand – giving you access to a business network, co-working opportunities and much more.

Find a mentor 

Business clubs are filled with inspiring and successful people, giving you plenty of opportunity to find a mentor to give you advice and help steer your vision in the right direction. As well as members, you’ll have access to guest speakers and other workshops, perfect for networking and learning more.