Why Taking a Break is Essential for Productivity

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Although you might think that the more hours you put in, the more work you will complete, this is not always the case. While modern life is increasingly focused on doing as much work as possible, cutting down on your hours and taking an increased number of breaks is essential for both your well-being and good productivity.

Why Are Breaks Important?

The longer we work for, the less focused we are on the task at hand. We begin to think about other things and lose track of our long-term goals. So, having breaks little and often allows you to refresh your mind and return to your work with new ideas and increased motivation. This can help you to make your work better than ever as you will bring more creativity to the task at hand.

Breaks increase your engagement levels which increase your productivity and lessen your stress and fatigue. Your memories are also consolidated with ‘waking rest’ and so being able to step away from your desk will help you to cement your knowledge and reduce the chances of finding yourself asking ‘what is the word?’

Additionally, taking breaks is essential to maintain a healthy body and eyesight, preventing computer vision syndrome, which can cause short-term blurred eyesight and shoulder and neck pain. Taking breaks will reduce this discomfort by allowing you to take your eyes away from the screen.

The Best Ways to Take a Break

#1 Exercise:

Taking a walk or going to the gym can help to boost your creativity and have a great impact on your health, reducing the risk of heart disease, depression and obesity, especially if you work in an office.

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#2 Eating:

Eating a healthy and balanced meal, or snacks such as bananas or pulses and seeds, will help to give you energy which will boost your productivity. Eating foods that are high in protein and vitamins will help to promote your brain activity and leave you feeling active and up for the next challenge.

#3 Power naps:

While napping is not always possible in a workplace environment, it can reduce stress, ensure your work will be high quality and help maintain your well-being.

#4 Deep breathing:

Deep breathing exercises can be done at work and are excellent at reducing stress and stipulate blood flow to the brain. It can be important to put things in perspective and enable you to focus on your task when you return to it, without other anxieties creeping in.

#5 Social Tasks:

Sometimes, the best break can be found in talking to people, allowing you to return to your work re-energised and with new ideas. Working in a coworking space can help you with this as you will be around a network of like-minded people with whom you can collaborate. Working in a London coworking space can introduce you to some fantastic entrepreneurs that can inspire your creativity.


Although breaks are not easy to prioritise in a busy or stressful work environment, it is vital that you make time for them every day to maximise your productivity and look after your mental and physical health.