Company culture: how to maintain a thriving business

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When searching for new job opportunities, everyone has their own criteria for the perfect role — from competitive compensation and impressive employee benefits to opportunities for work-life balance.

But one thing more employees are prioritising is a little less tangible: workplace culture.These days, employees want to work for a business that aligns with their values, provides a positive work environment and keeps them feeling valued, engaged and motivated. In fact, more than 77% would explore a company’s mission and values before even applying for a job with them — and 92% are more likely to stay with an organisation that’s established a great workplace culture.

So, if you’re keen to maximise retention and create a workplace you can be proud of, we’re here to uncover some tips and tricks to successfully implement a strong company culture


Identify your mission, vision and values


Your company’s core values, vision for the future and mission statement should be the foundation of your business — providing employees with a tangible goal to work towards.

Every organisation’s culture will look slightly different — whilst some may be more customer-centric, others may be market-driven. The best way to keep everyone on the same page and moving towards a unified objective? Communicate your mission, vision and values: 

  • Mission: what’s the purpose of your business and what impact do you want to achieve for your team and customers? 
  • Vision: what does the future of your company look like to you? 
  • Values: what does your business stand for — and how will it conduct its activities to achieve its shared mission and vision?  

Making sure every employee is clear on the organisation’s long-term objectives will help to cultivate a sense of professional purpose — keeping staff engaged, motivated and productive.


Hire the right people


Curating a positive company culture starts with the team you build, so it’s essential to ask interview questions that help you assess culture fit and determine if the candidate will be a good hire based on your company’s values.

Does your candidate consider themselves to be a leader or a follower? What’s the ideal working environment to best benefit their productivity — and is there a particular management style they find especially motivating?

From these questions, you’ll better understand how well this person would mesh with your team. But remember: hiring for culture fit doesn’t mean eliminating the opportunity for diversity and inclusivity within your business.

To avoid biases, use recruitment technology with artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help you proactively source and match candidates based on their skills, qualifications and values.


Improve your communications


Whether you get together for half an hour every Monday morning or host a coffee break a couple of days a week, these meetings are a great chance to socialise and build a sense of value and positive company culture.

If your team are hybrid or remote workers, communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack make it easy to keep colleagues connected. But whilst tech makes communication easier than ever, it can also make it difficult for staff to switch off and prioritise a healthy work-life balance.

So, if you want to save your team from burnout, it’s essential to make sure you establish boundaries.

Of course, you expect your staff to step up to the plate during their working hours. Still, encouraging uninterrupted lunch breaks, finishing on time and keeping emails to office hours (whatever they may be) is essential for a happy and healthy workplace culture.


Recognise and reward employees


Over 91% of HR professionals say employees are likelier to stay with an organisation that offers recognition and reward — so don’t be afraid to acknowledge a job well done!

Holding regular check-ins with your team to discuss their progress, constructive feedback and how they can reach their next goal puts them in the driver’s seat of their career and lets them know you want them to excel within your organisation. Plus, by asking questions that guide them to their own solutions, you can empower and engage them in their position. 

Whether you reward an employee’s efforts with verbal praise or financial compensation, this acknowledgement can encourage individuals to keep up the good work and motivate others to improve their performance.


Invest in your team


Offering professional development and learning opportunities shows your staff that you value them — and that they’re an integral part of building and maintaining your company culture.

If you have in-house training, make it available to every employee. If not, use online training platforms, such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and SharePoint, which allow employees to advance in their careers with various courses. 


Reimagine your work environment


For your team to truly thrive, they need an environment that reflects your company’s core values and goals.

For example, isolating staff with cubicles isn’t very beneficial if teamwork is your priority. Instead, an office with lots of natural lighting, greenery and breakout spaces for collaboration is much more likely to support a positive workplace culture.

Struggling to facilitate a productive and enjoyable office environment? Moving to a coworking space may be the solution for you…

The main benefit of coworking is that it can cater to your specific needs — making sure your company culture remains intact.

Want to create opportunities for networking and collaboration? Coworking spaces provide endless opportunities to socialise — with colleagues or employees from other companies. They’re often bustling with activity and full of areas designed for relaxation and teamwork — encouraging cooperation and creative idea generation.

Looking for a space where employees can get their heads down and brainstorm in peace? With access to quiet meeting rooms and exclusive phone booths, your team can enjoy little interruption — whether for strategic business meetings, confidential calls or even kicking back during downtime. 


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